Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver Review

If you’re looking to find a razor that gives you the option to do a little bit more and has some unique features that can really improve your shaving experience, then this might be the best razor for you to go with. It comes with nanotech blades that cut at the perfect 30 degree angle and the linear shaver motor keeps the saver running as much as it needs to. Additionally, this shaver comes with a unique LC display screen and it is 100% washable so you never have to worry about getting it clean after each use. All of these features work together to help make this one of the better shavers on this entire list.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

30 Degree Stainless Nanotech Blades

These nano polished 30 degree angle stainless steel blades help to cut the hair at the base and close to the skin so that you get great precision along with a nice smooth shave. Additionally, the blades are hypoallergenic so that they work to shave nice and gently with little to no irritation so you can use them even with sensitive skin.

Linear Shaver Motor

This is a great motor when it comes to a shaver because it has a rapid-fire motor that delivers close to around 13,000 cycles per minute so that you can get a fast and close shave at all times. Additionally, the razor is going to ensure that you get a quick cut so there is no pulling, tugging or irritation.

100% Washable

One of the biggest problems when it comes to a lot of the electric shavers on the market is that they are difficult to clean so most people don’t keep up with the cleaning process as much as they should. Luckily, you can just remove the foil on this shaver and put it into turbo mode and it will easily clean the blades under running water. The sonic vibration helps to create waves for the extra cleaning power.

LCD Display

One of the more unique features about this shaver is the LCD display screen that it has on the front of the shaver. It is going to tell you all of the important features that you need to know about include the battery, when it needs to be cleaned, when it needs to be charge and when it is in cleaning mode. The screen helps to eliminate any guessing when it comes to maintaining the shaver so it can stay at peak performance.


  • Flexible pivoting head
  • 30 degree stainless nanotech blade
  • Linear shave motor drive
  • Multi-fit arc blades
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Wet or dry operation
  • 100% washable
  • LCD display


  • Tough to shave in some places
  • Battery is weak


Q: Is this a type of shaver that you can keep plugged in? Or should it only be plugged in when it needs to be charged?

A: If you want to get the best results, make sure you only keep the shaver plugged in when it needs to be charged.

Q: How often am I going to need to change the blades on this particular shaver?

A: You’re going to find that you want to change the blades for this shaver around every six months in order to get the best results when you shave.

Final Verdict/Conclusion

As you can tell from everything that was talked about when it comes to this particular shaver, there are a lot of great features to enjoy about it and it is sure to make you happy if you choose to buy it. You’re going to enjoy an incredibly close shave thanks to the nanotech blades combined with the linear shave motor to deliver you great performance. In terms of other features, you’ll have no problem cleaning the product because it is 100% washable and the LCD display screen shows you everything you need to see when it comes to the shaver.

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