Best Women’s Electric Razor in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

If you are like most women, then you have probably considered owning an electric razor at some point in your life to help keep the hair on your legs and other areas in control. Electric razors can be nice because it allows for effortless shaving in most situations.

The following information provided below will help to inform you which electric razors for women are best on the market. Additionally, you’ll find some of the top things that you need to keep in mind when you go to pick out a razor for yourself.

Recommended Best Women's Electric Razor

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

Editor's Rating:

If you’re looking for a great shave of professional quality from your home,

then this is going to be a great razor for you thanks to the three blade technology that delivers a smooth and silky finish at all times.

The efficient shaving system guarantees that the hair will be removed in a gentle way so that your most sensitive areas are not bothered in the process. The sealant technology ensures that your shaver can resist water meaning you can use it either wet or dry depending on your personal preference.

Furthermore, you can easily rinse the product under running water when you are finished to easily clean it and get it ready to go for the next use. This shaver is designed with comfort in mind and is small and compact so you can easily bring it with you no matter where you need to go.

The rechargeable battery is another great feature because you won’t have to worry about buying batteries to use in the razor since it can fully recharge overnight to be ready for its next use.


  • Three blade technology
  • Smooth and silky finish at all times
  • Rechargeable battery to save on buying batteries
  • Sealant technology allows for use in the shower or bath


  • Could be a better shave
  • Not very strong and durable
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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This razor is going to be a great choice if you are looking for something a little unique as this razor offers a unique open blade system and the foil shaver is equipped with an optimal head angle that stays flush to the skin at any angle to give you a close and smooth shave at all times.

This unit is rechargeable and can be used on both wet and dry conditions to help ensure that you are not limited in the ways you can use this razor.

The dual sided blade is incredibly convenient and allows it to lift longer hairs and give you a great shave that is fast and easy to deal with. The handle on this razor is going to be incredibly convenient because it is soft-touch and no-slip so you can trust that it won’t slip from your hand.

Last but not least, the almond oil strip will nourish your skin as you shave it to help give you the great, smooth finish you want when it comes to shaving.


  • Almond oil strip
  • Anti-microbial
  • 100% waterproof
  • Soft-touch grip
  • Charging stand included


  • Not as close of a shave as you would expect
  • Doesn’t work great overall
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

Editor's Rating:

This is going to be a great razor for just about any woman that wants to find an electric razor to help maintain their hair growth and give them a great finish after they shave.

This particular electric razor uses four independently floating heads that smoothly follow the areas of your skin to give you a close and comfortable shave no matter where you are shaving.

This razor also comes with a snap-on bikini trimmer that allows you to set multiple different lengths so that you can get the length that you want out of the product.

Furthermore, the inner blades included on this razor are excellent because they are super sharp and hypo-allergenic which means that you are getting a close and comfortable shave at all times.

This also helps to reduce the irritation that you might experience with some other shavers. Lastly, the rechargeable battery is going to fully charge overnight and will provide one hour of continuous power.


  • Durable battery life
  • Perfect for travel
  • Four independently floating heads
  • Snap-on bikini trimmer
  • Hypo-allergenic and super sharp inner blades reduce irritation


  • Doesn’t shave as close as you would hope
  • Catches hair sometimes and causes pain

Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

Editor's Rating:

If you’re looking to get everything that you need when it comes to an electric razor in one convenient package without having to buy additional accessories,

Then this is going to be the razor that you want to buy.

Not only do you get the personal razor, but you’ll also get a free shaving cream and a precision trimmer attachment that allows for detailed trimming on all parts of your body.

This razor is specifically designed to provide you with a smooth and silky shave by ensuring that your shave leaves you with smooth skin and no nicks, cuts or razor bumps. There are plenty of different attachments that you are going to get with this purchase and each of the attachments is going to allow you to shave the different parts of your body.


  • Plenty of attachments included with purchase
  • Smooth and silky shave
  • No nicks, cuts or razor bumps
  • Includes free shaving cream to get started


  • No clear cons to speak of
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

Editor's Rating:

The Conair has started to become one of the better brands that you are going to find when it comes to hair care products.

This rechargeable razor is no exception as it delivers a ton of great features at a very reasonable point.

This has a four-blade cutting system so that you can shave or trim and the dual shaving foils remove stubble quickly and safely. The pop-up integrated trimmer gives a close and precise bikini trimming feature as well.

This razor is great because it can be used both in and out of the shower for wet or dry use and no matter which you choose, you’re going to get a great shaving experience. The battery is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about continuously buying batteries.

The charging time is short enough so that it can recharge overnight and be ready to go in the morning. When it comes time to clean the razor, you get a cleaning brush included for an easy clean at all times.


  • Four-blade cutting system to shave and trim
  • Dual shaving foils
  • Pop-up integrated trimmers
  • Wet and dry use
  • Rechargeable
  • Cleaning brush included


  • Blades could be stronger and sharper
  • Not a great charge

How To Choose The Best Women's Electric Razor


As with the majority of products you consider buying, it is important that you consider the size of the razor, especially if you plan on bringing it with you when you travel or go away for a weekend.

In a perfect world, you should try and find a shaver that is very lightweight and compact so it is no problem to bring it with you where you go. A heavier and bulkier one may do the job, but it’s an inconvenience you probably want to avoid.

Wet or Dry

As with any razor you buy, it’s important for you to consider whether it can be used wet or dry or both. The reason for this, is a lot of women like to shave while they are in the shower or in the bathtub for example.

If the razor supports shaving on a wet surface, then you will be able to shave while you are in the bath using gel, soap or lotion. However, a dry surface razor means you’re going to need to do it before or after your bath in order to get the results you want.

Foil or Rotary

Foil shavers are the most common when it comes to females electric razors and they use various blades that move backward and forwards. There is a thin mesh protection guarding the blades and when you bring it to your skin and move it across, the undesired hairs will stick into the mesh and be removed.

The rotary shavers do not offer a protective foil and instead pull hair into the blades of the razor. Unfortunately, there are very few rotary shave products directed specifically towards women.

Bikini Trimmer

No matter what type of razor you are going to buy or what you want in a razor, you should really try and make sure that it has a bikini trimmer attachment or a separate unit for it. For most women, it can be difficult to reach certain parts of your body for shaving.

These attachments help make it easy for you to reach the distant parts and it can allow you to trim your bikini area without any razor burn or other discomfort.

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve read everything there is to read, I think it’s safe to say that you can make a smart and educated decision regarding which type of electric shaver is going to work best for you. If you still don’t know, I recommend giving one of our product recommendations a chance as one of the five are sure to meet your needs!

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