Best Razor for Men in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

It’s the simple things in life that we need to take time and appreciate more, like a

  • Good meal
  • A roof over our heads
  • A steady paycheck
  • Family and friends who love you and who you love too
  • Electricity
  • Heat and air
  • Running water
  • And a good shave.

“A good shave?” you may be wondering. Once you have the rest of those necessities and pleasantries listed above, the last thing that you want is a crumby razor scratching up your face so that you have to go to work with scratches and battle scars.

If you like to keep your shaving clean and simple, so do we. Which is why we are going to give you a quick overview of the best razors for men in 2017. Just in case you are looking for the best and simplest shave of the year, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the best men’s razors of 2017.

Recommended Best Razor for Men

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

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The Gillette Fusion ProGlide is and has been one of the top men’s razors on the market for years now.

This slim-profiled razor is equipped with four, clean stainless steel blades that are even thinner than they have been on previous models, and boast to be thinner than other razors in the same category.

Those four thin blades provide are covered with a low-resistance coating which reduces the tug and pull of the blade on your facial hair, to provide an effortless, low-drag shave. This model has a built in blade stabilizer that holds each blade equidistant from the next, and makes it much smoother for rounding the unique contours of your face.

This razor also has a streamlined comfort guard which leverages excess shaving cream to provide optimum blade contact, to provide a shave that is perfectly close, without pulling too much on your hairs or your face.

The microcomb on this razor is designed to bring stubble to the blades, and the razor also has a newly enhanced lubricated strip that is infused with mineral oil and lubricant polymers that give you a smooth shave, for multiple uses.


  • Four thin blades that provide for an extremely close and incredibly smooth shave
  • A lubricated strip that is infused with mineral oils and special lubricants to keep your shaves really smooth
  • A built in microcomb that brings stubborn or low-lying stubble to the blades
  • This razor provides for a low drag shave, every time you use it, for multiple shaves in a row
  • Streamlined comfort guard which funnels shaving cream in just the right way to the blade, to provide optimum contact.
  • Blade stabilizer that perfectly separates and sets the blades, and also guides the razor along your face so that you can easily shave around all of your facial contours including your chin and cheekbones.
  • Lubricated strip that gives you a visual cue for when you need to change your razor blades


  • The razor blades are really expensive to replace
  • The razors actually fade pretty quickly, even if you aren’t shaving every day
  • Can cause occasional rashes and knicks on the face, so be careful
  • Some customers are saying that you are better off going with a cheaper razor, which will give you an equivalent shave for a cheaper price
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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The Classic Samurai CS-102 is what you would imagine two kinds of guys shaving with.

1) A gentlemen who appreciates a supremely close shave in the classic barber shop style

2) Your grandfather

This is what you would imagine that the embodiment of what shaving looked like back from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. This classic razor uses genuine, surgical grade stainless steel, which gives the blade durability and delivers a close and effective shave.

These are the kind of quality razors that you can either use for yourself, whether it be at home or on the go, and also what you would see experienced barbers using. It easily allows you to change out old rusty blades for new ones.

This razor has a handle that is smooth to the touch, easy to grip, which will increase your blade control and minimize cuts. This razor comes in a nice little plastic pouch for protection, easy storage, and travel.


  • The perfect size for home use or taking on the go
  • A protective plastic casing that allows for easy and safe storage, for keeping at home or to use while traveling
  • Smooth handle that provides for the perfect fit for your hand, and minimizes cuts while shaving
  • Made with surgical grade stainless steel, for a close shave and a durable razor
  • Classic barber quality razor
  • It is super easy to change out old blades for new ones
  • Really affordable razor with extremely affordably priced blade replacements


  • A barebones razor with now standout features
  • Less safety than most modern razors
  • You have to be more careful when shaving
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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Let’s take another look at some more classic razors that you find commonly at the store.

The Schick Xtreme 3 is another top-performing, multi-blade, modernized razor that will give you a close, comfortable shave, with maximal safety.

One really cool and unique aspect of the Schick is that the handle is ergonomically designed, and made 100% from quality, post-consumer, recycled hangers. Also, the package that all of their razors come in are made 100% from recycled paper.

Every time that you shave with these blades, you are going to have a clean, comfortable shave. This unique razor has three flexible blades that can easily shave over all of the hard-to-get contours on your face.


  • Three flexible, stainless steel blades that provide for the perfect close and comfortable shave
  • Totally disposable
  • The Schick blades are environmentally friendly because they are made with all disposable parts
  • Ergonomically designed handle for maximum control and a smooth shave every time
  • Really easy to use
  • Great for travel and taking on the go


  • These are disposable razors
  • You can’t just keep changing out the blades on them to reuse them
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Some customers complain that the blades aren’t actually that sharp

Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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The Gillette Sensor 2 is another great disposable razor for those of you who prefer disposables over having to buy new blades for a razor.

This razor comes with a built in lubricated strip to glide smoothly along your face while funneling hair and stubble to the razor’s blades.

These razors have soft, ultra-grip handles for a steady shave and a comfortable feel. They have pivoting shaving heads that allow you to easily move and clean the rigid contours of your face around your jaws and chin.

Another nice feature of these razors is that they come in a resealable package, so you don’t even have to worry about having a bag or carrying case that you use with them, whether that be at home or on the go.


  • These razors come in a resealable package which makes it really easy to store them and travel with them
  • Each razor is designed with an ergonomic, soft handle that fits comfortably in your hand and provides for a stable shave every time.
  • The lubricated strip on these razors make every shave smooth, and allow your razor blades to clean up your face nicely
  • Two blades that give you a nice close shave, without having to go over parts of your face repeatedly to get all of the stubble
  • Totally disposable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the handle and changing out the blades
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • The blades wear out pretty quickly
  • The shave is a little rough
  • Kind of pricey
  • Only comes with 3 razors
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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The BIC Hybrid 3 disposable razors are the last razors that we are going to be looking at, for some of the best razors of 2017.

This razor uses three blades, in total, for a close and comfortable shave that you will enjoy.

It has an ergonomic handle with a full pivoting head, so that you can clean up all of the contours on your face with ease. They all come with an enhanced lubricated strip, that will give you a smooth shave and make it feel like the razor is gliding over your face.

Each one of these packages comes with it’s own handle and 12 razor blade cartridges, so these blades should last a while. These are by far the most affordable razors that we are looking at in this review.


  • The most affordable razors that we have looked at today
  • Ergonomic handle, for a comfortable grip while shaving
  • Each cartridge has three razor blades, so that you can get a close shave, every time
  • Lubricated strips on each razor makes sure that you get a smooth and comfortable shave
  • These razors all have pivoting heads, which makes it really easy to navigate all of the contours of your face


  • Blades dull very quickly
  • Cause knicks and soreness
  • Cheaply made
  • The ergonomics of the handle are questionable

Final Verdict

So which of these razors did we like the best? We personally like the Gillette Fusion Proglide the best overall. What we like about this razor is that it provides a quality shave, every time that you use it, and it doesn’t dull that quickly.

Sure, the replacement cartridges can get a little expensive, but if you want the best shave in 2017, we believe that this is it.

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