Best Body Groomer in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

If you are looking for a great way to control the hair on your body and keep it at the desired length you want, then a body groomer is going to be one of the best ways to do that. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a body groomer that you like to fit your needs but this post is going to help you with that!

You’ll find recommendations regarding which products you should consider buying as well as what to look for when in a body groomer.

Recommended Best Body Groomer

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

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If getting a close shave is the most important factor for you and you want to make sure you buy a shaver that is going to closely follow and adjust to the contours of your body, then this is a great option for you.

The 3D pivoting head provides a close shave and gives you ultimate skin comfort no matter where you are shaving on your body.

The high performance trimmer comes with rounded blades and combs that work together to help prevent scratching of your skin. Additionally, you know you’re going to get the desired shave you want because you can choose from five different length settings to get the look you want.

The water-resistant casing and materials allows you to use it in the shower or dry and the dual shaver and trimmer lets you do both with just one product rather than having two separate products.


  • 3D pivoting head for close shaving
  • Rounded blades and combs to prevent scratching
  • Five different length settings
  • Water-resistant for use in the shower
  • Dual-side designs allows for both shaving and trimming


  • Poor battery life
  • Nicks and bruises some areas
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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Some people want to have a ton of options with their body groomer and they want to find something that gives them the choice to do several things with it.

If that sounds like you, this particular body groomer is a great choice because it comes with eight attachments to groom just about anything you might need to groom.

The surgical steel blades on this body groomer are self-sharpening and deliver long-lasting performance so they are sharp every time you go to use them.

In addition to everything else, this groomer is going to be super easy to clean as well since the unit itself and all attachments are washable, meaning that you just need to rinse them under a faucet to clean them out.

The battery life on this groomer can run for up to 70 minutes on a full charge and the charging indicator can tell you the battery level of the unit and how much more it needs to charge.

Lastly, you’re going to get a stand included with your purchase that allows you to charge the groomer and also organize and store all of the attachments in a simple way.


  • Eight different attachments
  • Self-sharpening, surgical steel blades
  • Washable attachments
  • Lithium battery lasts 70 minutes on a full charge


  • Battery life dies out after a few months of use
  • Attachment changing isn’t easy
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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When it comes to a lot of different health care and men’s products, one of the brands you hear from a lot is Axe.

While it is typically popular with the younger group of men, this product is still a great choice because it is produced by Philips Norelco but has the Axe branding on it.

The best part about this body groomer is the freedom you have to get the length of hair you want thanks to the length comb.

In addition, the hypo-allergenic foil shaver and the round-tip trimmer help to protect against any skin irritation to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable experience anytime you use the groomer.

On a full charge, you’ll find that this groomer can last up to 50 minutes and the casing and all materials can handle water, which makes this a great choice for use in the shower.


  • Length comb gives you the perfect hair length
  • Hypo-allergenic foil shaver reduces skin irritation
  • 50 minute battery life on a single charge
  • Great for use in the shower


  • Very slow to recharge
  • Doesn’t get everything it should in the first pass

Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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If you’re the type of person that knows exactly what they need to shave on their body and they only need to focus on one area, specifically the back, then this is going to be the best choice for you.

This comes with a design that is specific to making sure you can reach and shave all parts of your back.

The patented design makes it easy for you to do it all on your own in an effortless experience. The power burst button also makes it easy for you to power through some of the thicker hair that might be on your back as well.

There are two different options when it comes to the shaver head you want to use which allows you to get the best one for what you need. There is the 1.8 inch ultra wide head that allows you to shave your back and other large areas where you want to remove hair quickly. Additionally, there is a foil body groomer that can be used for regular maintenance of your body hair in other areas.


  • Great choice for shaving your back
  • Includes two different heads for shaving your back and other areas
  • Quick charge battery for a fast and easy charging experience


  • Durability could be better
  • Only last for about a year
Stansport Portable Folding Toilet

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If you don’t care about the brand of your body groomer and you are just looking for a product that will deliver great results without spending a ton of money,

This is going to be the groomer you want to consider buying.

This groomer can be used both wet and dry and is high quality, powerful, incredibly quiet and produces no vibrations when you use it on your body. In addition, it has a turbo features that can increase the speed by 30% to give you the best result possible.

Continuing on with the features, you’re going to find that it has eight different positions so that you will have no problem finding the perfect hair length to meet your needs.

Last but not least, the battery on this groomer is excellent because it can run for up to 90 minutes on a full charge. Once the battery is drained, it can recharge back to full capacity in just two hours.


  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Turbo booster for added speed in tough areas
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Little to no noise or vibrations


  • No skin protection
  • Takes several passes to remove hair

How To Choose The Best Body Groomer


If you are buying a body groomer, then it’s important for you to make sure you buy a groomer that will actually work on all parts of your body. There will be some groomers that specialize in some areas and slack in other areas so you want to make sure you get the body groomer that works best for the areas you care about.

Try and find one that specifically mentions the area you are most concerned about and chances are it will be a good choice for you.


No body groomer is going to be worth the price if it gives you a dull blade that doesn’t cut your hair well. I recommend trying to find a groomer that has constantly sharp blades. Most of the best body groomers you find will have self-sharpening blades.

The most important thing that you need to remember when it comes to the groomer is to ensure it makes clean cuts. The cleaner cuts it makes, the less pain you have and the better cut you’ll find.

Close Shave

In order to save some time when you are grooming yourself and to get the best result, you should try and find the best body groomer that has a close and clean shave. Ideally, it would be great if you could find one that shaves in a single pass.

Not only will it give you better performance overall, but it will irritate the skin less and leave you with a lesser chance of getting ingrown hairs.


The price of the groomer should always play an important consideration into what you are going to buy. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a great performing groomer, but you don’t need to go incredibly cheap because you will notice a poor shave overall. Try to find a decent price point that you can afford and buy a groomer in that price range.


One of the nicest features that you can find when it comes to a body groomer is the waterproof capability offered by some of the groomers.

This makes it simple because you are able to groom your body no matter where you are since some people prefer to use the groomer when they are in the shower.

If this is what you want to do, then you need to make sure you are buying a groomer that can be used in a shower.

Final Verdict

Now that you know everything you need to know about the body groomers, you can go ahead and make your own decision and buy the groomer that suits your needs best! The information presented above will help make your decision fast and easy so you get the perfect groomer for yourself.

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